You can stop the deadly menace of anthrax
from entering your home!



In these dangerous and
uncertain times, every
piece of mail you receive
could be an attack on
your home!

What can you do?

F I G H T   B A C K !

with the

Safe-T-Sure Sterilizing and Sanitizing Mailbox

The Safe-T-Sure Sterilizing and Sanitizing Mailbox is the unique combination of a hardy, weather resistant U.S. Post Office approved mailbox with a powerful, germ-killing propane powered incinerator. It is the first line of protection in any home biological warfare defense system.

The powerful gas jet incinerator is able to penetrate through all envelopes and small packages, completely destroying any and all biological warfare agents. The Safe-T-Sure is proven effective against
  • Anthrax
  • Smallpox
  • Plague
  • Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever
  • Botulinum toxin
  • Tinea Cruris

As an added bonus, the Safe-T-Sure also detonates letter bombs and other concealed incendiary devices which may be contained in your mail. It is also highly effective against chemical agents as well. (Exhaust emitted during operation upon mail containing chemical agents may cause irritation if inhaled. We recommend you do not stand near or downwind of the Safe-T-Sure during its Sterilizing and Sanitizing cycle.)

All operation is fully automatic, and one propane tank will last for months of regular use. And propane is a 100% made in the U.S. fuel!

The Safe-T-Sure
cleans your mail
with 1,900 degrees
of propane
powered flame!

The Safe-T-Sure will turn all your potentially lethal mail, as well as all that annoying junk mail, into harmless, sterile ash, which you can then dispose of safely. Safe-T-Sure ash is fully biodegradable, and has no harmful impact on the environment of our great country.

Why live in fear, when you can be sure? With the Safe-T-Sure Sterilizing and Sanitizing Mailbox you can once again go to your mailbox free of dread and anxiety.

Remember, get your Safe-T-Sure right away, because these days you just can't take any chances. Only $495.95, with free shipping. Firefighters, police officers and members of any armed service get a 10% discount.

The result: safe, clean, harmless ash.

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The Safe-T-Sure Sterilizing and Sanitizing Mailbox brought to you by Nosuch Safety Products

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