Mistakes were made

New York City meets Munich



Since Conny and I are switches, we sometimes use a collar to determine who is going to be the top and who is going to be the bottom.

We each have a few different collars which we can wear. Some lock, some don't. Some are leather, metal, rope or jewelry. One is even a bracelet, but it still serves as a "collar." Sometimes the collar goes on for a few hours, sometimes a few days. When we go out to SM clubs, I'm usually the one wearing a collar, because Conny isn't ready to bottom in public yet. Yet. I also don't write about her time on the bottom, because bottoming is very personal and intimate. So even though you read a lot about my time on the bottom, there's still a fair amount of switching going on.

We also don't always use a collar. That's for scenes we do when the top wants the bottom to struggle and "fight back." Those are fun too.

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