Nosuch Anniversary Contest

The contest is now over, but I've added links and widgets on the page to give you the solution now.

Be the first to send an email to this address with the answer to this puzzle, and you can win your choice of one of the following:

  • $30 worth of official Nosuch loot, or
  • 2 Clan Lord characters, or
  • a brand new Clan Lord serial number, with two free months. (You will have to pay the subscription charges after the initial free period.)
There are twelve pictures listed below, which refer to a post made in the past year. Each picture has a paragraph, sentence, and word number associated with it. When you find the right post, and get the specified word from each post, two sentences will be revealed. The punctuation for the sentences is shown in the picture listing.

Post titles are not counted as paragraphs. Otherwise any other text that ends with a new line is considered a paragraph.

Now take a look at the pictures, and start digging!

Paragraph 5, Sentence 2, Word 4
Paragraph 2, Sentence 2, Word 3
Paragraph 1, Sentence 6, Word 18

Paragraph 6, Sentence 6, Word 9
Paragraph 2, Sentence 3, Word 3

Paragraph 4, Sentence 7, Word 9
Paragraph 1, Sentence 4, Word 25
Paragraph 8, Sentence 6, Word 3
Paragraph 24, Sentence 3, Word 20
Paragraph 1, Sentence 4, Word 12
Paragraph 1, Sentence 6, Word 10
Paragraph 1, Sentence 1, Word 16