Sunday, October 27

Double check

Make sure you set your clocks back an hour, or you'll be early for work tomorrow. And who wants that.

Thursday, October 24

Wasn't there something?

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration (or a kick in the ass) to get going. Such as yesterday, when we went to see Jack McGeorge's wonderful presentation "In the Dark" at T.E.S.. He spoke about hoods, which happen to be pretty high on the list of our favorite toys.

They work much better than blindfolds which usually are either a) too tight, thus squeeze your brains out, or b) too lose, resulting in them slipping off at the worst possible moment. And there's the added benefit of the whole thing surrounding your head, giving a feel of comfort and security, as well as depersonalization. As Jack said so well: "It shuts the head off".

So I got a nice taste of that later that evening. And I'm so ready to let Alex have a little taste, too.

Wednesday, October 23

What to wear

Not sure what to do for Halloween yet. We did go out last weekend and found a dark red, long-hair wig, and faux glasses. It's a start, and should look pretty scary.

I hate glasses. I had to wear them when I was around 9 years old, and they bugged the heck out of me. Fortunately, when I was about 12, my eyesight had improved so much as to render glasses unnecessary. With all the computer work I've been doing as well as reading in poor lighting, it again decreased to about 90%. Which means I can see well enough. Basta. I rather accept various bruises on my body from bumping into things. Which doesn't mean I can't enjoy wearing glasses as a prop on special occasions.

Tuesday, October 22


Finally, only more than a month afterwards, the wedding pictures are online. The hardest part was picking the best shots out of the huge digital pile.

Thursday, October 17

All done

The weather yesterday for Leo's appointment couldn't have been worse. It was pouring, and by the time we arrived at the clinic, the dog and I were soaked. Of course Leo sensed something was going on, he cried and howled as if somebody was going to cut his nuts off. Ahem. A quick weigh in (he's 26 pounds now) and sedative shot later, he was in a crate and I was shoo'ed out the door.

It's weird, in the 11 weeks since we got him, I got so used to him being around, the apartment felt really empty without him. Every now and then I even thought I heard him, creepy. First signs of insanity, probably. At least doing laundry distracted me, and was easier without a puppy dragging dirty socks around.

Alex was proving a great daddy and came home extra early, to help with the transport home. Seeing as the rain still hadn't stopped, we briefly pondered building an ark, but fortunately taxis were still coming through. To our great relief, Leo had been doing very well during and after the surgery. He even wagged his tail when he saw us.

Once outside the door though, the residual anesthesia hit him, and he was drowsy, confused and disoriented. So Alex had to carry the baby to the corner, in the cab, and inside the apartment. For a while he was knocked out, but he did eat his late light dinner. Later at night he unfortunately started to lick his wound, so we had to put the Elizabethan collar on him. I think we hurt his feelings when we laughed.

Tuesday, October 15

I am so proud

So, since he didn't write about it, I will. He was spectacular. He really was. And I'm not just saying that because he's my husband. Not entirely, anyways.

Even though I knew the presentation by heart, having been the rehearsal partner twice now, I often couldn't help but laugh out loud (with the rest of the audience), yet the meeting was still informative. Alex has all the talent of a comedian, it's amazing. Also, we were so happy that some of our friends in the city showed up. Kinky safari, here we come!

Friday, October 11


To make the appointment, I took the phone into the bedroom with me, and closed the door. I didn't want him to get nervous, it's enough that I am.

Next Wednesday at 8am I have to drop him off and don't get to pick him up again until early evening. It will be a long day. Poor baby.

This will be the last days of Leo's manhood.

Saturday, October 5


My wonderful friend from Israel just got married! Best wishes, lots of love to him and his wife, and may they live together happily ever after.

I really miss him, wish their honeymoon would take them to New York, since the likelihood of us going to Israel is rather small.