Friday, September 27

Games, games, games

Thanks to very generous friends we now have a nice collection of board games. Some of them require more than two people though, so as a mini birthday party, spontaneous get together and game testing, we invited a few friends and I cooked an easy dinner, plus Alex got a little chocolate cake with candle, which we had for dessert.

Actually, for me playing these games is not just solely about fun, but further improving my language skills. Taboo proves to be very challenging, but hilariously so, and forces me to think up less obvious phrases to explain the sought word. Scattergories provides a similar challenge.

Tuesday we got ourselves a belated wedding gift. We waited, because it took until last Monday for our tv to finally being repaired. What a joke. Anyway, the newlyweds are now proud owners of a Playstation 2. If you have one too, get Grand Theft Auto III. It's an awesome game. Now we're staying up too late every night, Alex accomplishing missions while I yell directions, until I ultimately fall asleep on the sofa. Geek bliss.

Going to catch up in reverse order. My husband decided to celebrate my birthday this year not just on one day, but one week. He's spoiling me rotten, and I'm sure he'll regret it in future years, but by then the damage is done.

Wednesday's celebration finale was a surprise visit to the baseball stadium, to see the Yankees versus Tampa Bay. We had excellent box seats, very close to the field, and with food delivery service. Mind you, I barely know a thing about baseball, except it's one of the few pro sports where the players hardly look athletic. The other coming to mind being sumo wrestling.

I tremendously enjoyed the game, especially as after the 6th inning my name (the new one, of course) popped up at the big screen for birthday gratulations! Call it cheesy, I absolutely loved it. Obviously, to not break tradition, we also had beer and hot dogs. We missed the national anthem, because we were standing in line then, but nonetheless this was what I would call a very American night. Oh, and the Yankees won, too. At least Alex told me so. Goooo Yankees!

Thursday, September 19


All still a blur. What a glorious time. I have a husband, a new name, a mother-in-law. Many news, so little time. Since Tuesday I'm a year older, too, but it feels like ten. I want to sleep.

All the gory details, and why I love .rob, coming soon.

Tuesday, September 10

The weekend

We've had a fantastic weekend, started by meeting up early Friday evening on 34th Street, to see Road to Perdition. So-so movie, btw, but not horrible. I guess I am a movie snob. Sometimes. To me, some of the best movies ever are still True Lies and The Net, so I can't be that much of a movie snob. Can you believe that Alex has not seen Police Academy 1? I couldn't either, so now we're renting it. I know the dialogue by heart, but only the dubbed German version.

Anyway, back to the weekend. After the movie we walked down to Chelsea, to grab a bite at a romantic restaurant, the name of which I can never remember. I stole a fantastic pasta recipe from them once.

Saturday we ordered the wedding cake. I am not revealing any details, but if you know me just a tiny bit, you can figure out what flavor it is. I don't have anything blue yet. Is that a problem? I'm wearing stay-ups (the only time when white hosiery is ever appropriate), so a blue garter wouldn't serve any function. Of course I could have Alex hit me, but I'm not sure a bruise counts.

And now I can't remember what we did Saturday evening. Apparently wasn't all that significant. I think we passed out tired, because we had taken Leo to the dogrun in the afternoon. Which brings up another story.

Leo is one of the friendliest dogs I've ever seen, and I'm not just saying that because I'm one of his owners, but because he just is. He doesn't ever get aggressive, never barks or complains, even when other dogs bark or snap at him. At the dogrun, he loves playing and wrestling with bigger dogs, it's a hoot.

Except for that pair of two fat short-legged corgis (isn't it funny how the owner sometimes resembles the dog?), who apparently mistake Leo for a sheep they need to herd. They do so in a very aggressive way, interrupting when Leo is playing with other dogs, tag-teaming against him, cornering him, and not letting go of him, even when he's running away or hiding. Leo gets really scared by this aggressive behaviour, and doesn't know how to defend himself against two adult dogs. It had happened once before, and the owner didn't care. This time I wasn't about to let it go, so mama stepped up for her baby.

You see, the problem is not that dogs play in different ways, and that they sometimes get aggressive, the problem is that the owner was absolutely indifferent to it. He very well noticed, he just didn't care. It's none of my business to discipline his dogs, so I asked him to please take care of the situation. He completely snapped, accusing me of being an overprotective owner, and then loudly announced that he'd be leaving, pouting like a 10 year old, when we're talking about a man well in his fifties.

Further talk wasn't any more productive, and I don't appreciate being lectured on how having an aggressive dog is somehow better than having a friendly one. The rules of the dogrun are clearly on our side, in any case. He left, still pouting. Ha, nobody hurts my Leo, and if I have to bark at the aggressors myself.

Sunday we got an early start and took the subway out to Coney Island. First stop was the aquarium, to watch dolphins, sharks, walruses, etc. I so enjoy watching those huge animals, being amazingly fast and gracious in water, despite their big masses. Afterwards we walked along the beach, making our way to the Astroland amusement park. Compared to real themeparks, this was a skimpy one, and pricy at that. About $3.50 for a rusty looking ride isn't my idea of fun, but walking around the area was. We concluded the day with a stroll in the East Village, followed by dinner at a lovely restaurant. Yes, life is very good.

Thursday, September 5

Worth seeing

We meant to go see a movie again for quite some time, but between all the wedding arrangements (yeah, I know I get slapped if I say wedding preparations one more time), the puppy and, last but not least, not that many worthwhile movies playing right now, we didn't get around to it. Prior to 9/11 we used to frequent a theater down at Battery Park, which was somewhat of an insider tip. Other than the better known big cineplexes, it's never crowded.

Earlier this year, the theater reopened. So, yesterday I picked up Alex from work, and, after a quick drink and bite at Applebee's (yuck, chain food, but happy hour), we saw One Hour Photo.

The more cynical among you might be surprised, but we thought it wasn't a bad movie. Robin Williams played his role very well, didn't overdo it (I get hugely annoyed at exaggerated roles of lunatics), and the story made sense. Usually the impatient, for once I would say this movie could have been longer, to give the film more depth. All in all, it was quite enjoyable.

I hate going downtown though, with all the construction and ground zero tourists, I'm having a hard time navigating in the area. On September 11 my plan is to join Alex on his way to work, and join the crowd at ground zero. I don't think I could stand being inside that day, particularly during the morning.

Wednesday, September 4

It's really going to happen

So. I am officially nervous. Getting married isn't such a small thing. And I'm not one to easily get the jitters. I'm still playing it down in my mind, but, as I've said before, certain moments make it blatantly clear. Such as trying on the skirt. Booking my hair appointment. Purchasing wedding bands. Buying wedding panties. Thanks to the corset, no bra. Also, in only a week, my parents will be here.

Yikes. I'm pleased that everything goes very smoothly, Alex and I are extremely happy with the establishment we chose. Wonderful people there, and so helpful and accomodating. There's a secret competition between Alex and me regarding whose bachelor(ette) party is more fun. Of course I'm rooting for mine, because girls know how to have fun and Liz, who is organizing the gig, found a really cool place to go to.

One question remains, however: How is a bride, wearing a tight corset, wide skirt and white gloves supposed to pee, eat, or... do anything?