Mistakes were made

New York City meets Munich


Who’s Mr. Nosuch?

Mr. Nosuch (Alex) and LeoI’m Alex, born in and former resident of New York City. Since July 19th, 2011, I live in Munich, Germany. In my former life I was paid to deal with computer software for an investment bank for over 10 years, but my current goal is to work independently writing software and fiction. In my free time, I like games: board games, video games, and bedroom games, and I tend to write about all three on occasion. But mostly I write about gaming on the Xbox 360 to be honest. I’m also a bit of a gadgetphile.

I’ve been married to Conny View definition in a new window since September 14th, 2002. We sublimate our primate nurturing needs with Leo, our Wheaten Terrier who we adopted July 30th, 2002. My wife is also my editor, and thanks to her, my writing is much better.

What’s the purpose of the web site?

Well, technically, none. I like to write and I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, apparently. That could be good or bad, depending on your perspective.

I used Blogger to publish this site originally, starting back on September 12th, 2000. In 2008, I relaunched it with WordPress on January 1st, 2008.

How can I contact Mr. Nosuch?

Lots of ways, actually.

I’ve signed up on Facebook, and MySpace only to squat my user name. I basically avoid that ass-part of the Internet if I can help it.

Where’d you get those pictures at the top of pages?

I got them from Flickr under a Creative Commons license. You can see the originals here and here.

My friend Peter Vogel tweaked the front page header to include a nice blend with a Munich photo he took from near where we live.

Other attributions

I get some Creative Commons images from Alegri Photos.