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Coffee is for coders

January 3rd, 2013 · 2 Comments · Development, Work

Lately, I’m up to my eyeballs in iOS development, and I’m loving it. I’m getting close to submitting my first app, so I’ve been working furiously. This inspired the purchase of a new coffee machine. My only previous coffee habit was going to Starbucks back in my corporate days. I’ve never bothered with making coffee at home before. But after a couple of mornings where I couldn’t get it in gear fast enough, it seemed like a good idea for productivity.

Having a coffee machine and a (self-imposed) deadline made me think of a certain movie, but some adjustments were in order.

Always Be Coding

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  • Mike aka Monolith TMA

    Looks like a nice machine. I can buy the coffee for it here in the states, but apparently not the machine. We have a Phillips Senseo, which uses round coffee pods, made of material similar to that of a teabag. We really enjoy the coffee it makes, but the machine is nowhere near as popular as the Keurig’s are, and the pods are getting harder to find. We do have some plastic refillable pods that we can use when we can’t find pods anymore, but the seal isn’t as perfect as the cloth pods, so the coffee isn’t quite as good.

  • Conny

    Luckily, just as Alex developed the desire for a coffeemaker, they had a sale, and the machine just happens to fit the color and style of our kitchen perfectly. So we got it for 77 Euros (usually 89), including an additional complimentary 50 capsules and the cleaning/decalcify kit.
    Also, it’s cute.