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Intel supports epilepsy AND tinnitus

January 23rd, 2012 · No Comments · Advertising, Stupidity, TV, Videos

I’m very grateful that we can watch full episodes of the Daily Show on Comedy Central’s website. Hell, if they had a subscription plan, I’d pay for that. Instead, they try very hard to sell ads. Clearly, no one is buying these ads, because they show the same two ads, over and over again, often back to back.

The most annoying of the two is an ad from Intel for the German market. It’s got obnoxiously loud music and a seizure inducing video that I guess is supposed to look “cool”, but really, it looks like Flash is about to crash again. Unless Intel is trying to make people want new computers because their old one suddenly seems to have a problem streaming this ad, I don’t see what they are going for here. When I see stuttering, choppy video playback, I don’t think “awesome processor.”

I took some liberties with the ad to show its true nature.

(I yanked 10 seconds of the ‘still’ moments and put in a more appropriate soundtrack. I’m telling you in case you don’t want to suffer through the original, which I completely understand.)

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