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January 18th, 2012 · No Comments · Novel, Writing

As much I tried to keep various projects all moving a little bit every day, it turns out I work better when I focus. The one exclusion to this is my German lessons, where I feel spending some time every day matters. As for the most part, I’ve been very consistent there, and it is adding up gradually.

The holidays didn’t exactly help with being productive on any count either.

Being more singular in purpose does make it harder to write here, since I’ve been trying to put my attention either on learning and doing development work on iOS, or writing my book. Lately, I’ve been making a big push to finish the book, and that pretty much saps most of my energy for writing, thus the break here.

No need for paper anymore.So, yes, I’m writing a novel. I started it as an erotic short story to entertain my wife over a year ago, working on it in bursts when inspiration and free time came together. Once I had it started, it began to take shape and grow into something more complicated. Right now it’s over two hundred pages and I think it’s only about two-thirds done.

While it outgrew its erotica starting point, it’s still a pretty explicit work, and in a rather untypical way. Right now, the best way to describe the book is to call it a fetish romance novel. High-brow literature it ain’t. But I’m trying to keep things grounded in the real world, and there’s some humor and intrigue as well. I’m hoping the unusual inclinations of the main character make the story interesting. It’s quite possible I’ve put the whole thing in a strange middle ground, where it’s not “hot” enough to be considered erotica (it’s not) but it’s got parts too explicit and non-vanilla to find an audience. We will see.

When I finally finish it and push out electronic editions for sale, I’ll be delighted if I sell a dozen copies to people who don’t know me personally. Even if I don’t sell any, it’s taught me a great deal about the process. After this, I may tackle a “real” novel that’ll have a broader appeal.

This novel is the singularly most self-indulgent personal project I’ve ever attempted. It’s also the longest in terms of hours and effort. It’s hard work, but it’s intensely rewarding to spend time crafting something I care about for a change.

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