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My first dump

September 26th, 2011 · No Comments · Apartment Life, Germany

So much cardboard…With all the unpacking, we generated a large amount of recycling. We had several stuffed boxes of flattened cartons and paper. While our building has a bin to put such things in, they only come for paper every other week, and that would mean we’d fill it for about a month. That wouldn’t make us very popular with our neighbors.

My father-in-law offered to help haul it to the recycling center with his car. Since he also looks after the building we’re in, it was a chance for him to get rid of some other junk while having me help with loading and unloading. Seemed like a fair deal to me.

That was before I helped him carry up the old freezer from the basement. The German vocabulary word of today is schwer.

Since there was a lot of stuff to take, he had borrowed a small trailer from a friend. We loaded it up with all the moving cartons, that freezer, some old cabinet, a broken chair, and a beaten up bike. Then we were off to the dump.

Though, honestly, when we got there, I couldn’t call it a dump any more. It was the cleanest, most organized recycling and trash facility I have ever seen. There were containers and compactors for all different categories of trash, and lots of men in orange jumpsuits guiding cars and people around. I got scolded for putting the wood counter top of the old cabinet in the “furniture” bin, when it should go in the “wood” bin.

Leave it to the sloppy American to screw things up at the Munich dump.

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