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What’s on the Xbox Lately

September 21st, 2011 · No Comments · Gaming, Reviews, Xbox

Crimson AllianceCrimson Alliance is a rather simple co-op arcade-style hack n’slash dungeon crawler. I won’t call it an RPG, because other than doing some basic equipment juggling, there’s no character progression. With the single shared view for all players, things can get confusing quickly and you run into the problem of WTHDMGG* that all these kinds of games have. I’m also a little annoyed that levels are designed to exploit the fixed camera to hide things. I can put up with these minor issues since it’s a game Conny View definition in a new window enjoys playing.

*Where The Hell Did My Guy Go?

Deus Ex: Human RevolutionDeus Ex: Human Revolution is off to a good start. This game hits a lot of sweet spots for me, with a decent story, interesting setting, and an assortment of action with an abundance of plot and character development choices. It reminds me of a technopunk version of Mass Effect, though the levels and missions in Deus Ex: Human Revolution are more interesting.

Lost Planet 2My friends and I are finally getting around to finishing Lost Planet 2, which is a surprisingly entertaining game if you can round up some buddies to play it with. The story makes absolutely no sense whatsoever like a ridiculous Japanese monster movie, which I prefer to the dull, much-too-serious, painfully derivative stories found in Halo and Gears of War. Once you learn the control scheme, which is unlike any other game, it becomes a great deal of fun. Whether it’s climbing up walls with a grappling hook, swimming in an all underwater level, riding a giant mech, or operating a huge cannon on a train, there’s plenty of variety. The visuals are gorgeous, but the one limitation of the impressive engine is a complete inability to do faces and lip-syncing, which is lampshaded by giving everyone in the game ridiculous helmets, proving once again, some engineering problems can be worked around with a bit of visual design.

F.E.A.R. 3Fear 3 has been a solid co-op success with my friends. The two player campaign was worth playing twice, once with each distinctive character. After that, there’s the frantic “F*cking Run” mode (that’s the real name), and a horde-like “Contractions” mode, both of which have given us many hours of play. It even has some asymmetrical competitive modes that work for us, and our group usually hates to go head-to-head.

Soon Gears of War 3 will be here, and we haven’t even started Earth Defense Force: Insect Armeggedon yet. Looks like there’s plenty of coop play to be had for quite some time.

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