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New York City meets Munich

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September 2nd, 2011 · No Comments · Germany

Things I do more of now that I am living in Munich:

  1. Drink beerProst!

    It is very rare a day passes without drinking at least one beer. Mostly I drink WeiƟbier, though Radler, a beer and lemonade mix, is a great refresher on a warm afternoon.

    The stick is yours to keep.

  2. Eat sausage

    When in doubt, I just get Currywurst. Though I’ve had other varieties too, I haven’t tried anything too exotic. I’ve even grilled Wurstschnecken on our balcony (That’s a long sausage rolled up in a spiral and held in place with a skewer.)

  3. Recycle25 euro cents a bottle.

    Sorting my trash in New York City was the extent of my “greenness” before. Here in Germany there are continual, nagging economic incentives to bring your own grocery bags and to return your bottles. This took a little getting used to, but it’s actually fairly efficient.

  4. Sit outside
    Beer tastes better outside.I’m very much a pasty techno-cave dwelling geek. But between the biergartens, sidewalk cafes and our balcony, I can’t avoid enjoying the fresh air. And “fresh air” isn’t a euphemism in this case: the air here is very fresh, thanks to our proximity to the Alps. Sitting outside in New York City was nice, but I like how much quieter and cleaner Munich is.

  5. Write

    It’s a great joy to have the energy and focus to be able to blog, work on my book, and write software again. I forgot how important and vital being creative was for me. Instead of my primary pleasures coming from consuming, they now come from producing.

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