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June 21st, 2011 · No Comments · Corporate Life, Money

Not actually in the mail.The FedEx delivery with my last two paychecks arrived this past Saturday. During my exit interview, I was told I would get two. One for the days I worked during my last two week pay period, and one for the twenty days of vacation I had coming to me.

These checks are the final thing I’ve been waiting for since resigning a little over four weeks ago. With these last payments, I am truly free of that place.

I was initially surprised a courier service was used. The woman in Human Resources actually emphasized that my last pay wouldn’t be done via fund transfer as usual, but paper checks sent by regular mail. I even remember her saying how they would be sent from somewhere in New York, so it could take a few days for the post office to deliver them.

It makes sense that they use a courier service, though, since it is guaranteed and offers proof of delivery. Since the turnover at my company has increased in the past two years, it seems they’ve gotten more efficient at dealing with departing employees. It also seems that Human Resources doesn’t actually know the whole process.

This, in a nutshell, captures a lot about what was wrong where I was working: too much change, done too fast, and no one knows exactly what is going on. I won’t miss that.

Interesting trivia: compensation for vacation days can be considered “supplemental pay”, and as such is taxed at a different rate than regular pay. I knew that I’d learn new stuff when I quit my job, and its already starting.

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