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May 16th, 2011 · 1 Comment · TV

I’ve introduced Conny View definition in a new window to the pleasures of the Larry Sanders Show, the entirety of which is available on instant play on Netflix. In spite of its slightly dated nature, the characters and behind-the-scenes snark still play quite well.
“Hank, Artie and Larry”
I think my personal favorite character is Artie, but the interplay between the three leads made me realize that Artie, Hank and Larry are the Spock, McCoy and Kirk of the fictional late night television universe.

It was a little disturbing to watch an episode and realize that three of guests stars were all dead: Warren Zevon, Gene Siskel and John Ritter.

Such a detail may be worth noting for a future Larry Sander’s drinking game.

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  • jessi

    So sad. I friend of mine passed last week too. The aging process has its graces and its bitter parts too.