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February 27th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Customer Service, Sidekick, Stupidity

I figure for as long as I run into consistent issues with web services on the Sidekick, I might as well complain about it to T-Mobile consistently. But I am not going to waste time on the phone. I’ll just send them an email every day outlining the problem.

The T-Mobile website has a handy facility for submitting support issues via email on their web site. Here’s what happens when I click on the “Send us an e-mail” link on their “Contact Us” page.

An unexpected error has occured. Sorry. Come back later.

Either T-Mobile was anticipating what I was going to do, or so many other people are doing it that it broke their server.

In either case, that error message above pretty much sums up the level of service I’m getting: Whoops, something broke, sorry about that, come back later. This error has been up for 12 hours now.

When Apple opens up that iPhone and there’s a native and decent AIM client, I am going to stop coming back later to T-Mobile.

Update as of Februrary 28th, 5:30pm

Still not working. Apparently if I log out of the site, it works. So if you are a registered T-Mobile customer (or perhaps maybe just me), and log in, you can’t send them email.

By logging out, I was able to notify them of the issue. Let’s see how long it takes them to get it fixed.

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  • SmugBaldy

    How much do you want to bet they’ve been sending responses to your Sidekick? You’ll get it working again, and then it’ll crash from the flood of, “So, we hear you have a problem…” messages.