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February 1st, 2008 · No Comments · Chastity, Kink, Reviews

The following post is about sex, and kinky sex at that. Skip it if that kind of thing doesn’t interest you. Links with warning signs are to sites with explicit content, and are not safe for work.

It’s a big milestone for me today. Today marks two weeks being locked into a chastity device, 24/7. As you might imagine, I’m kind of horny. But that’s sort of the point for this kind of thing.

Conny View definition in a new window and I have done chastity play before, usually hand in hand with teasing and denial play before. It was almost a year ago when we gave the CB-3000 chastity device a go. We struggled with getting a workable fit, but for my anatomy, there were just too many issues.

We took a leap of faith and got the CB-6000, hoping that the new design might work for me. I spent about a week experimenting with the fit, trying different rings and spacers, wearing it while I sleep, wearing it out. Once it seemed right, I handed the keys over to Conny. We made one minor adjustment the next day. Other than that 5 minute period, I’ve had no access: not while sleeping, not while showering, nothing.

I’m sure for most people, the idea seems kind of stupid. You certainly don’t need to bolt some apparatus to your johnson to not have sex. And we’ve done plenty of teasing and denial stuff without a chastity device. But there’s a very powerful psychology to longer term chastity wear, both for me and for Conny. Not being able to get erect, even while asleep has a profound effect. It’s also worse when Conny does things specifically to get me going. It is fiendishly frustrating, making me entirely aware of the cock I have but can’t touch. That desperate desire leads me right into complete and submission to my lovely keyholder.

What’s been so great about our experience with the CB-6000 is it’s pretty clear I can wear it for longer durations without any issues. There’s some small compromises to my daily routine that have to be made. I need to spend some extra time on keeping things clean (a handheld showerhead helps). Peeing is strictly a sitting down thing. Sleeping on my stomach isn’t comfortable. Tight jeans are out, mostly because they make things uncomfortable. A good skin lotion, applied regularly to areas where the device rests, helps keep everything from getting any irritation.

In case you’re wondering how this thing goes on, Mr. S Leather has a picture of it in use. (Don’t click that link if seeing a penis locked up in a plastic tube is going to traumatize you.) Basically it clamps around the front and back of the scrotum with a gap that isn’t big enough for the testicles to pass through. What makes this device work for me if the ring is flat and smooth, instead of round. This one change makes it more comfortable, and also keeps my Houdini nuts from slipping out.

It definitely takes some getting used to wearing it. I’ve had some days where it was a bit uncomfortable, but usually I’m just aware that it’s there. Sitting down at work, I can almost forget it is there.

I’m really happy we found a chastity device that works and is pretty much no effort for Conny once she locks it on me. Frustrated and horny, but happy.

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