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Cinematic Titanic

January 22nd, 2008 · 1 Comment · Movies, Reviews

If you’ve experienced Mystery Science Theater 3000, in any of its incarnations, you know that you either love it, or don’t get it.

I love it. It broke my heart when Joel left, and I was very slow to warm up to Mike, though I did come around in the end. In the end, all MST3K is good MST3K. But, even that had to come to end. Since then, I’ve felt I’ve been missing out on my US RDA of media snarkiness.

One alternative is Mike Nelson’s RiffTrax. In essence, he’s got the clever idea of making an alternative “commentary track” on an MP3, allowing some of that MST3K magic to be used on mainstream movies they could never afford to license. I haven’t tried it out yet, mostly because I am lazy, and RiffTrax involves more effort than just watching a video on my TV. I am thinking about checking some out, though.

I was delighted to hear about Cinematic Titanic, which is basically MST3K version 2.0. They’ve abandoned the puppets and skits, sadly. Instead, the focus is just on getting right into riffing on the movie, which isn’t a bad thing. They are trying to offer their movies direct, where you download and burn them to DVD yourself. The first episode, “The Oozing Brain” is only available on DVD while they sort out some details with digital distribution.

I had no problem forking over $16 to get it, mostly on the good will I have for the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 show. I wasn’t disappointed with it either. It was on par with a good MST3K episode, which means it won’t make any new converts to the show, but fans will definitely be delighted to see these old friends back on their TV screens. I’m looking forward to their next release.

I just wish Tom Servo, Crow and Gypsy were back. But you can’t have everything.

Tom Servo, Crow and Gypsy

Push the button, Frank.

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  • CLJournal

    We loved MST3K. What a blast from the past! (strange that it seems so long ago that they were doing their thing.)