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January 9th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Gaming, Rock Band, Xbox

My biggest problem with progressing further in Rock Band on the guitar comes down to one thing. This:

My Pinky

That’s right. It’s my pinky. My digitus minimus, my most ulnar finger, my digitus quintus. Or, as I like to call it, Stubbins McScrewup.

It’s just too damn puny. It simply can’t keep up with the other fingers, and it starts daydreaming and loses its place. Next thing I know, the ring finger tries to help out, but then that finger starts messing up, and it just descends into ugliness as my whole hand goes into a thrashing spasm.

But like many problems, this is one that can be solved with the right gadget:

The Gripmaster!

Once I clock some exercise on my new Gripmaster, I will master medium difficulty without a doubt.

In order to master “Hard”, though, which involves that damn orange fifth button, I am exploring some other, possibly surgical solutions.

Six fingers

It’s either that, or figure out how to move my fingers around on the controller. I’m leaning towards surgery.

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  • weezoh

    put your hand palm-down on the table, lift each finger individually and set it down — you can train your little finger to be a little more independent although you may have to concentrate on keeping the ring finger down while stubby goes up at first.

    flip your hand palm up and do the same thing.

    just do this while you’re talking on the phone at work and after a while you’ll see improvement.

  • weezoh

    OH one more thing– if you go the mechanical route don’t be a Schumann. . .