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January 3rd, 2008 · No Comments · Gaming, Reviews, Xbox

Rock Band for the Xbox 360 has been a great load of fun for Conny View definition in a new window and me. It’s sort of a surprise that we even got the game in the first place.

Rock Band CoverI was a little tempted by earlier versions of Guitar Hero, but I had the problem that it would be dull as dishwater for Conny to watch when I play. (Believe it or not, that “watchability” is big part of the games that get played in this house.) Conny also wasn’t too excited about a game that would require a massive guitar controller. Keep in mind, we have a New York City apartment, and there’s a finite amount of place to put stuff.

You’d think that Rock Band, with a guitar, drum set and microphone, would be an even bigger problem for us. And actually, it is. But what got the game in the door was that Conny wanted to play. The guitar holds no interest for her, but the singing and the drums caught her fancy. She was actually the one itching to get it in the end.

Turned out to be a great purchase. We have a lot of fun playing together, and the variety of controllers to use allow us to mix things up. Conny won’t touch the guitar, and for the sake of all that’s holy I don’t really pick up the microphone, but that means we both get time on the drums. The drums are definitely the hardest to do, because you really have to play drums in the end, and that means your foot has to do the kick pedal while your hands do something else, and that doesn’t come easy for us rythmically impaired folk. Conny likes drumming, but cannot do the pedal, so I’m her pedal-pusher.

That’s right, we do co-op drums. We’ll be doing Expert on the drums in no time. I think we should get 2 more drumsticks and invite 3 more people over, and each person does one thing, but perhaps that won’t actually make it easier. Only one way to find out though.

I think Harmonix did an awesome job with Rock Band. It’s a hoot of a party game, though I have no idea what the hell we are going to do with this massive drum pad controller.

I’m looking forward to the follow up game Harmonix supposedly has in the works.

That’s right. Boy Band. It comes with 4 microphones and 4 dance mats.

Should be quite the workout. I better start practicing with my favorite Backstreet Boys hits right now.

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