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August 19th, 2007 · No Comments · Gaming, Xbox

return of the red ring of deathMy Xbox 360 has once again failed and is displaying the red ring of death. For those playing along at home, this is the second failure my Xbox 360 has had, and I just got it back from the first repair at the end of February. That repaired unit lasted a whole six months.

I’m glad that Microsoft has owned up to some quality issues in the 360 and extended the warranty to 3 years. I know that this decision cost them 1.2 billion dollars. It is going to cost them even more if they can’t fix the damn problem the first time.

I know I shouldn’t reward Microsoft’s quality screw ups by handing them more cash, but frankly BioShock is coming out this week, as well as Two Worlds. Being without an Xbox for three weeks while a clearly awesome game and a potentially fun Xbox Live game are out of my reach is simply too much to bear. It’s also clear that having a failover Xbox 360 isn’t a bad idea. I’ve ordered an Xbox 360 Elite as a replacement so I can also have a bigger disk as well.

My Elite should be here tomorrow. Hopefully it will stay operational until my other 360 is repaired. I’ll treat it very gently for the next three weeks just to be sure.

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