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April 9th, 2007 · No Comments · TV

We have television sets all around the floor at work that are constantly tuned to CNBC. The one near me is unfortunately placed right in my field of vision, above and behind my computer monitor. Even with the sound off, I find the motion so distracting that I erected a cardboard blind on the top of my monitor which manages to eclipse the idiot box when my seat is in just the right spot.

When I roll over a little to the left, though, I can still see it. Sometimes, I do it just to peek at the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which CNBC shows every 10 seconds or so in the upper left corner. Other times, it’s just because the current task is on my left monitor, and without realizing, I’m slowing sliding over a bit.

For whatever reason, I know I did not need to look up today and see on the screen a teaser that read “Coming up: CEOs Gone Wild.” All of a sudden, my head was filled with visions of flabby old men with bad comb-overs pulling their shirts up and flashing their chests.

At least I saved myself a few bucks on lunch, since I wasn’t hungry after that.

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