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March 5th, 2007 · No Comments · Gaming, Xbox

March looks like a good month for me and my Xbox 360. What I am looking forward to right now:

  • Worms comes out on Xbox Live Arcade on March 7th. The franchise goes back to its 2D roots, and hopefully will have better network code and fewer bugs than Worms 3D did on Xbox.
  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 is released on March 8th. More GRAW is good GRAW, even if it basically is the same game with minor tweaks and more maps. One thing that Ghost Recon offers that Rainbow Six doesn’t is cooperative play for more than four people, so it’s popular for me and my gaming pals. It also offers a larger variety of coop modes. I just wish it had the option to let people who have been killed continue to voice chat like Rainbow Six does. I’d love to see Ubisoft offer the original GRAW maps for GRAW 2 at some point.
  • Catan, or what board game geeks would call “Settlers of Catan”, comes to Xbox Live Arcade sometime this month. I am very happy to see solid boardgame classics like this on Xbox Live Arcade. Let’s face it, Uno isn’t exactly a deep game.
  • Armored Core will wrap up the month on the 20th. A new mech game from the folks who made Chromehounds. I’ll be very curious to see how this one compares. I’m a little worried that there will be no viable coop play, but only team versus team, which has less appeal for us. Chromehounds technically was team versus team, but you could play against a team of beatable bots instead of a team of unbeatable twelve year olds.

It looks like we might be playing something else besides Rainbow Six Vegas this month.

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