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February 27th, 2007 · No Comments · Funny, Internet, Sitenews

Dreamhost, my hosting service, had a lil’ hiccup on Sunday that pretty much took down all my sites for a good part of Sunday. It was a problem caused by some scheduled emergency maintenance on the facility’s power systems, so I can’t fault them. And, as usual, they were good at keeping me informed of what was going on, so I didn’t fret.

But, that’s me. Many other Dreamhost customers posted several hundred comments on the Dreamhost status blog bitching and moaning about the outage. Keep in mind that Dreamhost charges around $10 a month for easy to use, full-featured and generous web hosting, with a 99.3% uptime.

I think the best response I saw, though, came from Mr. Very Important Business Man, who pretty much nailed it with this comment

This downtime is entirely unacceptable. I just launched my latest product and now all my websites are down! We pay eight dollars a month to run a multibillion dollar company here! There are 8,760 hours in a year, and here I’ve lost 5 of them. That means so far we’re already down to a 99.94% Uptime! OMG! SIX HUNDREDTHS OF A PERCENT IS DOWN THE TOILET!

At this rate of 5 hours every other month, my yearly uptime will be 99.7% THREE TENTHS OF A PERCENT DOWN THE TOILET! I do NOT pay the equivalent of one McDonald’s value meal PER MONTH (That’s AMERICAN DOLLARS here people, none of this funny foreign stuff!) for this kind of INCREDIBLY POOR SERVICE. I mean you tell us every little thing that happens, you tell us quickly and clearly, you keep us up to date, you’re polite, you’re fast with support responses, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

I shall be reducing my payments by 0.3% in return! HA! That’ll teach you! That’s TWO CENTS a month. At this rate I expect you to be at your knees in days.

Further, I shall go upstairs and tell my mom and dad never to use your service. Once I explain to them what web-hosting is I’m sure they’ll agree with me. Then I shall inform ALL THREE of my friends that if they move from Yahoo/Geocities to NOT COME HERE. My pets won’t be using your services either.

I think that puts things in the right perspective.

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