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February 19th, 2007 · No Comments · Chastity, Kink, Teasing and Denial

Warning: The following post is about sex, and kinky sex at that.
Skip it if that kind of thing doesn’t interest you.
Links with warning signs are to sites with explicit content, and are not safe for work.

After almost a two week break, Conny View definition in a new window and I decided it was time to give the CB-3000 another go, with some minor changes to the fitting.

We opted for the largest ring to reduce pressure under my nuts, since that was the problem last time. But with a big ring comes the risk of actually slipping out. I discovered this during our first fitting trials, while in bed. It wasn’t fun to have a testicle slip through a very snug gap. I blame my powerful cremaster. At least the pain was brief.

After a day of wear, I was hopeful. But sure enough, last night, one nut made a run for it at around 5AM. It’s probably smarter than its owner. Since I really don’t want to use the smaller ring, the only option to adjust is the gap, so we refit it this morning with a slightly smaller gap. Again, so far so good, but we won’t really know until tomorrow morning.

So the lock down continues.

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