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February 15th, 2007 · No Comments · Dining, Kink, Nightlife, Reviews

Last night, we joined with another couple to La Nouvelle Justine Valentine’s Day party. Our company was wonderful, the Baroness was ever the gracious hostess, and her entourage and friends who arrived were dressed fabulous as always. It’s too bad the venue, Lucky Cheng’s, was horrible.

We had to wait in an unheated lounge area for the long delay before dinner, only to be moved into a private dining area also devoid of heat. As a reminder, last night was brutally cold, and we dressed more to impress and not to keep warm. On top of that misery, Lucky Cheng’s provided horrible service, and even worse food. My “filet mignon” was more like a boiled saddle. When the champagne ran out, so did our patience.

I felt very bad for the Baroness, who was clearly frustrated with the venue’s failure to do anything right, but did her best to bravely muster on and keep the guests happy. I’ll be looking forward very much to her next party, especially since it won’t be at Lucky Cheng’s.

I hadn’t been to Lucky Cheng’s in a quite a while, and while the draw was never the food, it really feels like the place has become a complete and utter dump, coasting along on a reputation earned years ago and no longer deserved. I think it’s safe to say I won’t enter that place again, even for a drink.

I’m very glad we went with wonderful friends whose conversation and companionship helped carry the evening. And it didn’t hurt to be surrounded by people dressed in great fetish fashion, even if everyone was shivering.

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