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February 6th, 2007 · No Comments · Chastity, Kink, Teasing and Denial

Warning: The following post is about sex, and kinky sex at that.
Skip it if that kind of thing doesn’t interest you.
Links with warning signs are to sites with explicit content, and are not safe for work.

Due to trying circumstances, the past year for ConnyWho is Conny? and I has been mostly a vanilla one. But now that we’re moving on, it’s time to dust off the toys and get kinky again.

Conny View definition in a new window helped spark things off by offering, as a Christmas gift, that I could get any “toy” from Purple Passion or elsewhere and we’d spend a weekend having some fun with it. Smart of her to combine two great things: shopping andkink! I couldn’t say no.

We looked around, and I had different thoughts, but in the end, I came back to something familiar. I wouldn’t call it a favorite, because I have love/hate relationship with it. But it’s been one of our most powerful, enjoyable and easy (at least for her) kinks to indulge in. In the end, I managed to suggest that we pick up a new chastity device for me, the CB-3000.

We have a CB-2000, which is an earlier model, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time locked up in it. But the last time I wore it, Conny had to take it off because of some chafing issues, due to some of my overzealous attempts to size it as snug as possible for better security. I was hoping the CB-3000 might have improved fit and security.

Sadly, Purple Passion doesn’t carry the CB-3000, but our friends at the Leatherman had it, and last Saturday, we ventured out in the cold to get it. We opted to get one in black. The very helpful people at the Leatherman even jokingly offered to let Conny put it on me right there, in one of the changing rooms. Luckily for me, she didn’t take him up on it. But that night, we began the process of fitting.

In case you are wondering how this whole contraption actually stays on in the first place, it’s because the gap between the cage and the ring should be small enough so that you can’t pull your balls out. Since scrotums and testicles are somewhat delicate things, the tuning of this matters a great deal.

While I am apt to jump right into things with both feet, I realize that locking any sort of device to my privates is going to take some adaptation and trial and error to get right. Without any ritual or play, Conny and I made a few trial testings, putting the CB-3000 on and seeing how it was to walk around with it and wear it under clothes, starting with the least constrictive arrangement. The CB-3000 is adjustable in two main ways: the size of the ring that goes around your cock and balls (they give you five), and the spacing of the cage to the ring (you have an assortment of spacers). The goal for us was to figure out what combination of ring and spacing made it “secure enough”, without too much tightness.

The CB-3000 has two major design changes from the CB-2000. The first one is the cage portion is a single piece of molded plastic instead of a clunkier cage. This makes the CB-3000 look a lot better, as well as have a lot less bulk. For me, it also makes it much more comfortable, which, keep in mind, for a chastity device, is a relative thing. (Truly, none of these things are that comfortable.) The other change is that the ring which goes around the balls has a hinge which should, in theory, make it easier to take on and off (more on that later.)

For you ladies planning on putting one of these on your man yourself, I can only say wait until you’ve got the fitting figured out, and he’s gotten good at putting it on himself and can show you how to do it. There’s lots of opportunity for some very painful pinching otherwise. Unless you are both into CBT, take it slow at first and work together. The hinge of CB-3000 rings does mean a lot less genital mashing than the CB-2000. But it also means another great opportunity to pinch when you close it. And since the hinge rests directly behind the back of the scrotum at the precise point where the chastity device tends to rub and press, the hinge can turn out to be a source of irritation.

As to be expected, the first few attempts were too loose. Initially I wanted to keep the spacing as wide as possible, and use a smaller ring, thinking that a snug spacing would be prone to irritation. After having the CB-3000 pop off once while lying down to sleep, and another time having one testicle literally pull itself through the gap somewhat painfully, I realized too much spacing is actually a bad thing.

One problem I had with the CB-2000 is that is possible for me to push the device forward and pull my cock out of it while I’m flaccid. This is still the case with the CB-3000. The manufacturer claims that less than 10% of men who wear their devices can do this, so I guess I’m just one of the un/lucky ones. There’s a couple of ways to address this issue, from piercings to additional parts to add on, but since I’m not inclined to cheat we aren’t worried about perfect security for now. I’ll be happy if I can just wear it for at least a week at a time without any unwanted issues.

A few days into our initial fitting experiments the ring failed right at the hinge, probably due to a manufacturing defect. Luckily this happened right after a shower, and I was home. My guess is my vigorous attempts at washing all around my CB-3000 put just enough stress on the defect to finally make it crack. Since I didn’t want to change the size of the ring, I opted to use an old, non-hinged ring from our CB-2000. This meant putting on the chastity device would be a little bit more awkward, but the comfort was improved in two ways: no hinge to irritate my skin, and the solid CB-2000 rings are slightly thinner, which meant a little less bulk.

At that point, the longest stretch I’d gone without having to take it off was about 72 hours. So now with a solid ring, and slightly more snug spacing, Conny locks me in for what we hope is the perfect fit. Over the next couple of days, I’m being sure to keep things clean and lotioned as best I can. And after 72 hours, I’m thinking it’s going to be manageable and I can pull off a whole week in it. I seemed to be getting used to it a little.

Realize that during this time, Conny is enjoying getting me as worked up as possible, as often as she can. It’s quite a headtrip to not only be denied of an orgasm for an extended period of time (like over two weeks), but to also be denied of erection as well.

So on the fourth day of lock down, I am feeling a funny twinge while sitting at work. I chalk it up to the extensive teasing the night before, imagining it might be my poor, frustrated prostate. I check in with Conny that night, and she thinks that maybe she can help out my prostate a bit to ease some of the pressure. Since I am in no position to say no to her, I comply. When I present myself to her, bent over, she sees a bruise larger than a quarter on the back of my scrotum. So that’s what I am feeling!

Needless to say, she took it off the CB-3000 right away, and I’ve been letting my gear recover since. The bruise is almost all gone now, so probably this weekend we will make another go at it. But I can see it’s going to be a challenge to really get this thing to be “wearable”. In the meantime, Conny has helped the recovery along with plenty of attention, but no release. You can guess what’s on my mind all the time…

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