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February 1st, 2007 · No Comments · Customer Service, Stupidity, Xbox

Here’s a tip for you kids with an Xbox that just went belly up: register it on before you call 1-800-4MY-XBOX. If you don’t, the nice man who answers the phone in Bangalore will register it for you, and you will never be able to check on the status of the repair on Though, according to people at the call center, it isn’t a big deal, because the conspicuous link on the Support page supposedly doesn’t work.

With the call center is the only hope at getting information, I can at least report they seem to do a decent job. They managed to provide a tracking number for my return box without too much effort. The estimated arrival of my box to send in my dead Xbox 360 is February 5th, according to the UPS tracking site.

Seems sort of strange that I had to phone the Xbox Support center to get the tracking number, as they managed to contact me by email after I called for the repair. So not only is their web site useless, their use of email is bad. Odd that Microsoft, a technology and Internet company, has horrible web and internet services, but there you have it. Guess the folks in Redmond find it is easier to just outsource the whole mess with cheap overseas labor than to use their own technology. What does that tell you?

Though I’m sure Microsoft spends a lot of money on bandwidth and those web servers, even if they don’t work, I thought I’d help them out. Here at, I’ve gone and set up our own high tech internet service to help you track your Xbox repair. And mine is even better than the site, since you need not enter in any personal information. Just click the link below to find out what’s happening with your Xbox repair.

Happy to help. Make sure your phone is handy.

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