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Red Ring of Death

January 29th, 2007 · No Comments · Customer Service, Xbox

When I turned on the Xbox 360 last night, hoping to shoot some bad guys in Rainbow Six Vegas, I got the dreaded red ring of death.

I did the usual waving of a dead chicken at it to try and restore it to life, but alas, the unit is bricked, with only 14 months of use. After a brief and mostly painless phone call to Microsoft support in Bangalore (where the concept of apartment numbers with both letters and numbers escaped the person I was talking to for some time), I can now expect a post-paid Xbox coffin in which I can send my console so it can be reborn anew, at my expense. But at least the repairs should be much cheaper than a new unit. And yes, I took my hard drive off, and there’s no game in the tray.

Looks like I’m PS2 bound for awhile. Luckily I have the humorless but entertaining Final Fantasy XII and the as yet unopened Bully to chew through. (I’ll have my take on Final Fantasy XII up shortly.)

Today starts my exciting adventure through the alimentary canal that is Microsoft Xbox 360 Service! I’ll keep you all informed of my progress.

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