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January 17th, 2007 · No Comments · Reviews, Twitter, Web

Thanks to Daring Fireball I stumbled upon Twitter, which I am now giving a go. Twitter provides an online service that falls somewhere between instant messenging and blogging. I’m trying to get myself back to being connected more to the online world (read: blogging more), and I’ve also got a large circle of people whom I mostly keep in touch with electronically, so Twitter fills a useful niche for me.

In essence, Twitter is a mini-blog, but you can update it via IM or SMS, as well as via the web. Entries aren’t allowed to be longer than 150 characters or so. Your friends (or the world, depending on your wishes) can see your entries, and you can see theirs. You can also get updates of what your friends are “tweeting” via SMS or IM.

It’s sort of like a low bandwidth broadcast IM. If that sounds annoying or pointless to you, you’re not the target audience. For me, there’s some utility to it, especially since I pretty much have IM access always at my fingertips thanks to my Sidekick.

And, with a wee bit of Javascript, I can have my latest Twitter entry at the top o’ the blog, so I can provide the illusion of more frequent updates, as well as making it easier for people to stalk me. Everybody wins.

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