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November 1st, 2006 · No Comments · Customer Service, Stupidity

On one phone call to Time Warner Cable to change details of my broadband service:

  1. Number of pitches for offers or services: 5
  2. Number of times I have to provide my phone number to look up my account: 2
  3. Amount of time spent before getting a human being, excluding time holding: 4 minutes
  4. Number of times I hear “We’re committed to being the best”: 2
  5. Number of times I believed they are committed to being the best: 0
  6. Amount of time it takes to actual remove an extra IP address from my service: 30 seconds.

Last I checked, Time Warner Cable is in the internet business. So how come there is no way to make service changes or place orders for stuff like pay-per-view and other things you’d think they want to sell, online? Does the CIO of Time Warner Cable ever suddenly wake up and realize his organization has its head up its ass?

I doubt it. Much easier to tell customers you are committed to being the best than to actually, you know, commit to being the best.

Here’s a tip: making customers listen to several recorded sales pitches when they want service is not the best. If you want to sell stuff, make it easy to buy. But making things easy is hard, and making recordings is easy, so there you go.

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