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October 11th, 2006 · No Comments · Media, NYC

So a small plane hits a building on the Upper East Side and needless to say the media freakout begins. CNN was low-key about it, with the headline “Plane hits N.Y. high-rise, sparks death, fear, fire.”

Wouldn’t you know that the best place I found to get a sense of what was going on at the time was Gothamist, a NYC blog. They updated constantly as information was available, and kept the hype out of it.

You might think that the NY1 web site, backed by the media and ISP powerhouse Time Warner, would be the place to go for New York City news, but somehow those buttheads have yet to figure out how to host a web site that doesn’t totally fold when a few hundred people visit all at once. Which is exactly what happens to a news site when, oh I don’t know, breaking news happens.

All you got for the peak of the incident on NY1 was a “Sorry, we’re temporarily down right now.” page, which really should just look like this:

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