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August 22nd, 2006 · No Comments · Gaming, Reviews

I’ve made some efforts to find a service like NetFlix, except for video game rentals instead of movies. My entirely non-scientific research had led me to believe that GameFly is one of the bigger outfits. I had avoided them in the past because they process everything from the West coast, and I figured the time to mail stuff to and from would really impact GameFly’s ability to get games in my hot little hands in a timely manner.

I threw caution to the wind, however, when I entered a bet with a friend to see who could reach 8,000 achievement points first (starting from around 4,000 points). For those not in the know, achievement points are earned for doing things in Xbox 360 games. These points give a very loose measure of how much time you waste playing video games, and how stubborn you can be. Although, really, they are mostly bullshit.

Be that as it may, a bet is a bet, and I really didn’t want to go out and buy a bunch of new 360 games just to try to get points from them, especially at $60 a pop. Two local video stores, one a Blockbuster, the other an independent store, carry only a handful of 360 titles to rent. I was specifically looking for titles known to be a quick source of points, though, and most of them weren’t available at either store. So, I signed up with GameFly.

That was about 3 months ago. A few weeks ago, I finally got around to canceling my service with them. I don’t recommend GameFly if you are on the East coast, it just takes too long to get games. One game I waited for 5 days to get, played it and dropped in the mail the same day. My next game arrived almost a week later. They also suffer from a serious lack of 360 inventory for non new-releases, which is somewhat confusing seeing that the 360 doesn’t even have a lot of games out in the first place.

Why can’t NetFlix just carry video games too?

Oh, and I won the bet, but just barely.

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