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July 18th, 2006 · No Comments · Mac, Reviews

If you have a modern laptop, then you probably know how hot they can get. My new MacBook Pro, while a delightful machine, can only be used on the lap for about ten or fifteen minutes before I can detect the faint smell of bacon coming from my thighs.

I had given Conny View definition in a new window a Laptop Laidback for a gift some time ago, and I gave it a go with the new MacBook. Since the Laidback keeps the laptop off you entirely, it does solve the heat problem well. But the Laidback is best suited for someone who is hunkering down for a long period of use. It’s awkward to get out from under it, and it’s made worse with a larger laptop, because the whole thing is a little unstable. It’s also a nuisance to store, requiring taking it apart to make it flat, and when it’s not flat, it takes up a lot of space in our shoebox apartment.

So the Laidback wasn’t good for me with my oversized laptop. Instead, I now use the Lapinator lap desk. It’s a simple, thin panel with two Thinsulate cushions underneath, and some rubber bumpers you can stick on above to keep the laptop slightly raised from the panel for airflow. The design keeps the laptop cool and maximizes airflow for both your lap and the laptop. It also works well when placed on a desk, and it doesn’t make the laptop have a larger footprint. Even though I have a 17″ laptop, I went with the small Lapinator, and it works fine.

If you are slowly boiling your crotch with your laptop, the Lapinator is one of those simple, useful products you’ll be glad to have.

Also at the prudent advice of a friend, I picked up the Marware protection pack, which adds a protective handrest cover and keyboard nappy. It makes typing on the MacBook Pro more comfortable, as well as keeping me from scratching the crap out of it with my watch or mutant bone spurs.

So there’s two fine ways to pimp your ‘Book.

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