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March 9th, 2005 · No Comments · Customer Service, Gadgets, Sidekick

Since Sunday, my Danger Hiptop, a.k.a the T-Mobile Sidekick, has had almost no data network service. In the past 3 days, I’ve managed to get instant messaging to work for brief periods, and today email started to work occasionally. But web service has been completely down for three days solid.

Apparently this is a widespread problem caused by Danger. Even though the Hiptop is sold only through various carriers, in my case T-Mobile, all the carriers rely on Danger’s back end servers and proxies to keep the whole shebang working. And apparently, Danger really screwed the networking pooch.

Outages of some kind will always happen, but I have to admit the mind boggles that an outage could go on for three days. It is made worse by Danger providing zero information to either customers or the carriers. Here’s the extent of the information I’ve gotten:

  1. A forum post from a Danger rep on

    “This morning some users may experience degradation in service (e.g., connection and email delay) which is currently being resolved by Danger engineers.”

    Apparently “degradation in” means “complete loss of.”

  2. An SMS on the start of the third day saying

    “We apologize for the service interruption. Voice calls and text messages are still functional. We’re working urgently to restore full service.”

And that’s it. T-Mobile never updated their site with information about the outage, even what that outage disabled the web interface to the Sidekick data. The feels a 3 day outage doesn’t warrant a news item, or even updating the front page. And the Danger site says nothing.

I’m not sure which is more mindboggling, that we’re actually experiencing an outage of over 3 days or that they can’t be bothered to keep us informed of what’s going on. Neither thing inspires confidence.

And this time, I can’t point the finger at T-Mobile. This is all Danger’s fault.

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