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Was it the 13th?

March 7th, 2005 · No Comments · Sundry

Here’s how Friday went:

  • Money saved by scoring a parking spot with a meter versus parking in a garage for 3 hours: $7
  • Cost of parking ticket for not noticing the “No parking after 4PM” sign: $115
  • Amount of hassle caused by losing wallet before taking weekend trip: Massive

That would be the same wallet which contains the newly replaced social security card and newly replaced drivers license. Luckily I keep my cash in a wadded up ball in my pocket. It is also lucky I picked up the rental car before losing the drivers license.

And yes, she is right, but that didn’t make it easier to hear the wife say “I told you not to put your social security card in your wallet.” I’ve never lost a wallet before. Lesson learned is that any time you say “I’ve never _____ before,” plan on _____ happening soon.

Friday was not a good day. It was a relief to come home and discover that I hadn’t left my wallet at the bank, as I feared, but instead discover it had slipped off my keyboard shelf and into a drawer.

So now the only bother is waiting for all the replacement bank cards to come. Once they come, I can experience the joy of paying my parking ticket online. I can’t wait.

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