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February 15th, 2005 · No Comments · Dogs, NYC

After paying $16 for a 5 pound bag of premium dry dog food at an outrageously overpriced pet boutique, I started doing some math.

Between the dogwalker, the food and treats, the groomer, the insurance and vet bills, boarding and transportation expenses, the medications and flea prevention, and toys, clothing and other dog what-not, our dog Leo costs us over $500 a month.

Those of you without dogs may laugh freely now. Or even those of you with dogs who live in the ‘burbs.

Almost 50% of that cost is the dogwalker, which for some people might be an unnecessary expense. And not every dog needs professional grooming, though trust me on this, Wheaten terriers like Leo do. But even with our lavish outlay on our four legged friend, I consider the expense a combination recreation and mental health expense, and it’s money well spent in both regards.

And Leo loves his expensive food. We also found a pet store near us that has it for $11.

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