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January 11th, 2005 · No Comments · Reviews, TV

I enjoy watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Hell, I even tried to get on the show, but apparently, I’m not straight enough.

But the gentle frippery that makes the show fun to watch is a fine balance. Nothing makes this more obvious than the two attempts to extend the Queer Eye franchise. On both the UK version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and the new Queer Eye for the Straight Girl, the antics of the cast are too forced. There’s a difference between being funny and being silly, and the original Queer Eye guys are mostly funny.

The UK version, perhaps is funny in the UK, but I found it flat. There was no spark, and instead of having energy, the show was just frantic. Queer Eye for the Straight Girl, has similar problems to the UK show, but it also has the problem that straight girls rarely need the same type of help as the straight boys they pick. This diminishes the power of the transformation and makes it a lot less compelling.

I don’t think that’s really a fault of the show as much as just the nature of many men. When the Queer Eye guys descend upon a straight guy, the things they are exposed to are often genuinely novel experiences, and you get to see that. Introducing a man to a proper morning grooming regimen can be a real eye opener for him. Giving a woman some tips on applying make up is an incremental improvement typically. It doesn’t have the same drama.

So, sadly, I think I’ll stick with the original show, even if they won’t visit me.

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