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Variety is the spice of Halo 2

January 10th, 2005 · No Comments · Gaming, Xbox

Halo 2 has the clever feature of allowing you to define the parameters of online games and save them as named variants. It has the not-so-clever feature of requiring you to do this for access to same game options. But, at least there is a way to do it, even if you have to leave the lobby to do it.

Here’s some variants we’ve been playing (or will soon play. Some of these aren’t fully tested for maximum fun):

Wild West

Basically a no shields, no motion tracker, no grenades, pistols only match up. Remember to turn off grendades and all vehicles and turrets, as well setting weapon respawns to pistols only.

This option is good for free-for-all (Wild West FFA) and team slayer (Wild West Team), as well as king of the hill (Wild West King) and team king of the hill (Wild West TKing).


As close to a grenades-only match as you can get. Starting weapon is only a plasma pistol, with no secondary weapons. All weapon and vehicle spawns are disabled, so you can only get more grenades.

This option is good for free-for-all (Dodgeball FFA) and team slayer (Dodgeball team), as well as king of the hill (Dodgeball King) and team king of the hill (Dodgeball TKing).


Basically survivor is a slayer variant where you lose points for getting killed or committing suicide. I turn on the extra points option, and set victory to 5 points or 10 minute time limit. This can be combined with other slayer variants, like Wild West or Dodgeball.


This slayer variant turns off the motion tracker and shields, but gives everyone active camo. Can be used for slayer, king of the hill or other game types as well.

Mutant Ninja King

A modified Ninja king of the hill game where players on the hill become “super ninjas.” That is active camo, overshields, damage resistant, and doing extra damage. Other players are normal. Can be done as individual king or team king.


A version of odd ball where the ball carrier is amazingly hard to kill, but slow. The ball carrier gets overshields, and damage resistance, but speed is set to slow.


Odd ball with 3 balls.


This odd ball variant gives the ball carrier active camo, but no shields. The only plus side is the ball carrier moves faster than the other players. Players are set to do extra damage, though.


A team version of odd ball where you can only win by having one player hold the ball for three minutes total, instead of the usual sum of all the team players’ time. That means at a certain point, you need to try to get the ball into your “chief’s” hands to win.


This is a juggernaut variant where the juggernaut player is super tough, but slow. The juggernaut gets an overshield, motion tracker, damage resistance and does extra damage, but infinite ammo is turned off. The other players, however, get no motion tracker.


Another juggernaut variant where the players have no shields and no motion tracker. But this time the juggernaut is stealthy. The juggernaut gets no overshield, no damage resistance and no extra damage, but he does get active camo and a motion tracker, and his movement is fast.

The final juggernaut variant, this time the players get active camo and motion trackers, but no shields. The juggernaut only gets extra damage, infinite ammo and normal shields, but no motion tracker, overshields or damage resistance.

If you are a Halo 2 fan, and have come up with some fun variants, I’d love to hear them.

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