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Oh Four No More

December 31st, 2004 · No Comments · Personal

My New Year’s resolution for 2005 is to commit no New Year’s resolutions to this blog.

Ooops. Oh well, I’m not doing much worse than last year.

All I really want to know is why I’m not getting a “New Year’s Day (observed)” holiday from work. I don’t get today or Monday off, but from the empty cars on this morning’s subway ride to the office, I started to feel like the only chump who has to punch a clock today. Is this some semi-official acknowledgement that New Year’s Day is truly a bullshit holiday?

But, work or not, there is partying to be done once the sun goes down. In spite of being only several blocks away from Times Square, we’re opting in this year, and a few of our friends will be braving the mobs to get to our place to wait for the excitement of starting a new calendar. I hear there will be food, drinking and merriment involved.

Or at least I hope so. Otherwise, I’m a little worried why my wife told me to pick up an icepick on the way home.

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