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December 29th, 2004 · No Comments · Computers, Mac

John Dvorak, who gets paid to write outrageous technology speculation, is once again predicting Apple is doomed. I’m not sure which school of prognostication he subscribes to: Chicken Little or the Stopped Clock Theory. But in a recent article he spouts:

As of December 2004, the Mac share as measured by online activity is 2.7 percent (Linux is 3.1), with all the rest going to various flavors of Windows.

In any case he’s been caught propping up his case with rather shoddy evidence. The stats he uses to come up with are browser usage logs from just one web site on web development.

So using the same mighty journalistic methods as Dvorak, I am happy to say that, according to Evhead’s site, the Mac market share has just at least tripled since Dvorak wrote his article! Quickly, go buy Apple stock!

What makes that stat more amazing is it is unclear if the IE or Firefox stats contain IE or Firefox for Mac, but those Safari percentages are exclusively Mac.

But don’t worry John. You can write about the end of the Mac every time you want to get some attention. You always do.

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