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December 15th, 2004 · No Comments · Customer Service, Stupidity

The video game rental by mail idiots at Deep Shark that I wrote about earlier managed to terminate my trial account. On average, it took them one week to reply to any support requests I sent them.

These support requests were created from a form on their web site which you use after you log in to your account. So I was a little surprised that the first response I got about canceling was a question about my account details. Especially because the nitwit at Deep Shark simply replied to the support request generated by their web site, and that request contained all my account information. These morons don’t even know how to read emails sent by their own support infrastructure.

The true delight, though, was seeing that the email their support system generates contains all my credit card information as well. So, by replying to it, Deep Shark has now sent my credit card information in plain text via email. Brilliant.

I pointed out to Deep Shark how incredibly insecure this was by replying, following the instructions to reply in a very specific space in the email (not at the beginning, not at the end, but in the middle, between some –> <--- arrows.) I did take the liberty of wiping my credit card number and expiration from the reply. A week later, since these geniuses are busy splitting the atom or something, I got a reply addressing my concern. I was told not to fear, because they are very careful at Deep Shark with who has access to their email system. Not only do they have no idea how email works, but their support email tracking system had very kindly grafted my credit card info on to the email. Again.

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