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December 10th, 2004 · No Comments · Gaming, Xbox

One difficulty of XBox Live is finding people you enjoy playing with. I cheated a bit by applying massive amounts of peer pressure on existing friends to get an Xbox. This technique works best if you have many geek friends with disposable income and disposable time. But, my friends list is hardly huge.

If you are not so (un)lucky, you find yourself at the mercy of Xbox game matching, which is like playing the lottery, but with very small prizes and worse odds. You have to play a lot of games to find people you like to play with. It’s a pity the player matching system on Xbox Live is so primitive.

There’s two primary demographics on Xbox Live: mature players and less mature players. Note that actual age doesn’t put you into either category, though age is often a factor. Mature players (and since I put myself in that category, you know I am using the term loosely,) generally prefer to play with other mature players. Immature players, on the other hand, will play with anyone, and often like to play with mature players, mostly because they can consistently kick their asses in any competitive play.

For those of us with slower reflexes and sensitive hearing, getting killed in 4 seconds of the game having started and hearing “I SO OWNED YOU DUDE” yelled into your headset is a bit discouraging. So I am glad to see a site like Geezer Gamers. It’s a forum for mature Xbox Live players to find liked minded souls. Their schedule system is also pretty clever. I’m optimistic I might be able to find a few new Xbox Live friends over there. Anything has got to be better than random match ups.

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