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December 7th, 2004 · No Comments · Gaming, Web

I wanted to set up a wiki to keep track of Ghost Recon 2 tactics. A wiki seemed like a better idea than a blog, due to how it is structured and how open I can make it. If you’ve never seen a wiki before, the amazing Wikipedia is worth looking at.

There are several wiki engines available, most of them open source. Since I know PHP, I was strongly inclined to use a wiki based on PHP, and sure enough there is PhpWiki, a simple PHP based wiki engine. I am not a web dope, or at least not a big web dope, but I simply could not get PhpWiki to work. It does not help when the installation documentation lags far behind the release.

Since my two goals were keeping things simple and getting it up with little effort, I opted to go with Use Mod wiki, which is a Perl script. Perl is not my strong suit, but ideally I won’t ever have to touch the code, so it shouldn’t matter. Also, Use Mod is nice because it’s just one script for the whole wiki.

So now I’ve got the wiki started, and hopefully, in a week or two, after me and my squad mates have dumped our brains on it, we’ll have something useful to other Ghost Recon 2 nuts.

In the meantime, any one know what the likely military ranks would be on a special forces squad (where the squad is 6 to 8 soldiers)? What would the rank be for the squad leader? And the likely rank for a second-in-command? I wasn’t even a Boy Scout so I don’t know any of this stuff.

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