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December 2nd, 2004 · No Comments · Apartment Life, Gadgets

It seems some restless digital soul of some gadget I may have thoughtlessly discarded has decided to haunt me. This telltale heart now torments me, beeping briefly but clearly, every 63 seconds. The source of the beep is impossible to find. The noise is faint, but penetrating. Fifteen minutes of moving from one location to another, head cocked listening intently, was fruitless in discovering the source.


How can such a quiet noise be heard so clearly from so many places? If the television is on, or the ventilator by the bed, the sound is masked, but in a quiet, still apartment, the beep tolls like a tiny church bell, sounding the passing of a little more than a minute.


It isn’t in the closet. It isn’t in any drawer. The computer, the smoke detector, the battery powered clock, all innocent. I press my head to the wall, but the sound seems to come from within our apartment.


It’s probably the jealous spirit of my old Psion 3, cast away for my Sidekick. You have to watch those PDAs, they can really hold a grudge.

I may have to move.

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