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November 22nd, 2004 · No Comments · Grooming

How to spend a bleak, drizzly Saturday morning?

How about an unlimited mimosa brunch (for $10) with the best french toast in Hell’s Kitchen followed by a manicure and pedicure?

While I am always up for the former, the latter isn’t really my bag, mostly because I’d rather spend the hour playing Xbox. But after a few mimosas, laziness and foggy thinking set in, and next thing I know I’m sitting next to my wife getting my very first pedicure. It was a bit easier to accept this fate because the spa we went to was pretty nice, though twice as expensive at the slightly dingy, more typical nail places all around the city.

I’ve had a manicure or two before, which I should do more often to break my foul habit of nail biting. I’ve even had a couple of facials. But somehow, I’ve avoided the pedicure thing, even though my skanky-ass feet could use a bit of attention. While the filing and buffing made me want to squirm and giggle, the massage was lovely.

And there’s something to be said for having well-groomed hands to caress the lady with. I didn’t do the polish thing, though, clear or otherwise. Just a buff, thank you very much.

The best discovery, though, was a bizarre product called LikeSoap that the manicurist used. It’s just a waterless hand cleanser, but with extra drama. It foams and sizzles and bubbles almost violently after it is applied, and when you work it in, it actually feels crunchy. I have to get some for home, not because it’s actually a useful product, but just so I can pull it out when people come over to freak them out.

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