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November 9th, 2004 · No Comments · Gaming, Xbox

Can’t post. Must play Halo 2

Actually, Halo 2 is a lot less thrilling a release for me than I hoped, mostly because there’s no cooperative Xbox Live campaign mode, which is a cryin’ shame. But the Xbox Live modes will still be fun, I have no doubt. But unlike some, I wasn’t waiting outside my local Game Stop at midnight to pick up my preordered copy.

Turns out a lot of people preordered. Between that, and first day sales, Halo 2 made $100 million dollars.

In terms of single player play, I have to say I prefer Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, mostly because I’m just not the twitchy bastard I used to be. Halo 2 is basically very shiny linear run-and-gun, and my aging synapses just dont’ fire as fast as they used to. The Halo 2 campaign assumes you have the controls etched into your brain stem, which I do not. Guess I should have replayed the first Halo the week before.

I have my Xbox Live cooperative play hopes pinned on the upcoming release of Ghost Recon 2. The first Ghost Recon (and the expansion pack) made for great cooperative play, with the exception of having to push a button to talk to your teammates. If Ghost Recon 2 simply removes the push-to-talk requirement, it’ll be a solid game. Though it looks like there will be a lot more improvements than that.

Thanks to Scoble I discovered Major Nelson’s blog, who works for Microsoft on the Xbox Live Team, giving us a tiny and interesting peek behind the curtain. (Hey, Scoble, get a search function for your blog, darn it. The Google “Search this site” function won’t work because it returns results for all of…) I wonder if Scoble plays Burnout 3

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