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November 8th, 2004 · No Comments · Dogs

Since I’m still slowly bringing Leo’s site up to date, Leo’s Halloween picture won’t be there until the Friday the 18th. So here’s a preview:

And before you call the ASPCA, he wore that outfit for only as long as it took for us to stop laughing and to take the picture. We could not bring ourselves to take him out in it.

In any case, at the rate I’m going (one picture a weekday, one per weekend) Leo’s site will be back to its normal schedule on the 25th of November.

While speaking about canines, Conny View definition in a new window and I have enjoyed and learned from two good shows on dog training and psychology. The first is Woof! It’s a Dog’s Life, with “Uncle” Matty Margolis on PBS. There have been two seasons, and the tips and techniques are simple but effective. A new show on the National Geographic channel with a tragic name is The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. With a focus more on psychology and problem solving than obedience, the best part of the show is when Cesar does his various dog impersonations. Both men are great with dogs and entertaining, and dog owners can learn something useful. Plus, lots of cute dogs acting badly.

On a more local note, if you live in the Hell’s Kitchen area in New York City, and are in need of a dog walker, let me recommend ours: Charles Kelly. I met Charlie at the dog run many times before I realized he was in the “biz.” The hardest part about picking a walker in the city is trust, both with your dog and keys to your apartment. Charlie is a solid, dependable guy who is great with dogs. You can reach him by email at “charles_s_kelly AT”.

And lastly, Slate addresses the issue of taking the dog into the bed. For the record, Leo is generally welcomed, though he was banned while he was young. (We were much more strict in his youth. Not even allowed on the furniture then.) We often drag him into bed, but usually he slinks off to sleep on the floor, or into the living room, to sprawl wildly on the couch. Mostly because he gets hot sleeping on top of the featherbed. He’s more likely to spend the night when his coat is cut short.

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