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November 1st, 2004 · No Comments · Customer Service

The IRS recently selected me to help them improve by filling out a questionnaire regarding a previous mailing I received from them. Seeing as the previous mailing was a bill, I was feeling less than helpful.

Considering the countless hours of my life lost dealing with the IRS and their mind numbing paperwork, the last thing I would want to spend my free time doing is taking a survey for the benefit of the IRS. Especially since no response on the survey said “Stop taxing me.”

Here’s some free advice for the IRS: if you want people to spend time helping you out, offer something. Stores do this, with a chance to win something if you take their survey. I might feel more charitable with my time for a $100 tax credit, or a chance to win a one year tax amnesty.

Something like that might get my pen to their paper.

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