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October 29th, 2004 · No Comments · Politics

How much better is life in Iraq thanks to the U.S. occupation?

Seeing that a study shows that the occupation is responsible, directly and indirectly, of 100,000 Iraqi deaths, and Saddam Hussein is estimated to have killed 300,000 of his own countrymen, it looks like we’re 66% better than Saddam Hussein!

Hurray us! USA! USA!

Though, now that I think about it, Saddam was in power for 24 years, and the occupation is less than 2 years old. So if you calculate the improvement on a yearly basis, you get 12,500 Iraqi deaths per year under Saddam compared to 50,000 Iraqi deaths per year under US occupation, for a 300% improvement!

Now we totally kick ass!

I always knew we could do better than Saddam. Thanks to the wisdom of our feckless leader, we’ve proved it to the world too.

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