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October 26th, 2004 · No Comments · Gaming, Politics

Great to see Big Quiz Thing, a fun trivia night occurring every Monday night at the Slipper Room getting a detailed write-up on Gothamist. Conny View definition in a new window and I have gone to Big Quiz Thing a few times, dragging anyone we can to help our team. We also lose badly, but we always have fun.

Or I do, because my brain is a cesspool of useless knowledge.

When Conny and I flew to Orlando, we ended up on Song Airlines, which is an attempt by Delta to make a “hip”, cheap airline. I had a great experience with them, mostly because the personal entertainment system had a trivia game which you played against other passengers. It even displayed the seat locations of your competitors. This allowed for great distraction tactics, like when I had Conny go spill a coffee on the guy in 17A who was starting to get ahead of me. Or rather, it would have been, if Conny would have listened to me.

Sadly, the focus of the trivia game was music, which isn’t a strong suit of mine, at least in the trivia department. Still, the game was hugely compelling, especially since it rewarded more points for fast responses. Of the eight or nine games I played, (each one about 15 minutes long,) I think I won all but two. It made the flight go by fast.

The game allowed you to enter a nickname to be shown with your score, and you could use up to six characters. I got in the habit of changing my name really quickly between games in order for me to more thoroughly spam the high score list with silly names, like “PEEWEE” or “SPANKY”. During the return flight, someone opted to play with the nickname “GWBUSH.”

I don’t think it was the real George Bush, but I didn’t look. In any case, a fake JKERRY not only beat GWBUSH in the next game, but also placed higher on the high score list.

Just doing my part.

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